Press Release: Introducing the MEMENTOES games

Introducing the MEMENTOES games—experimental video games for empathy-building, transitional justice, and education Release of game design documents provides behind-the-scenes look at cutting-edge approaches to historical video game design December 1, 2023 Concepts for the three MEMENTOES video games have been released, providing insight into an experimental game design process which brings together museums and indie […]

Gulag Diaries: Meet the Creators

MEMENTOES is built on collaborations between vastly different industries: museums and game developers. So, how does it work? We sat down with the team behind Gulag Diaries to discuss their experiences, progress, and goals for the project. Read on to hear their thoughts and see images from their game development (note that these are works-in-progress […]

MEMENTOES Panel at the Central and Eastern European Game Studies Conference

On 19 October MEMENTOES hosted a workshop at the Central and Eastern European Game Studies (CEEGS) conference, titled “Video games, history, and museums: Challenges and opportunities for collaborative development.” The workshop provided an opportunity to present MEMENTOES to a professional audience of game developers and games studies scholars and collect feedback on partners’ work so […]

MEMENTOES Nominated at the .eu Web Awards

We’re delighted to announce that the MEMENTOES project was nominated for a .eu Web Award, in the “Rising Stars” category! The awards recognise the best websites using the .eu domain extension. The “Rising Stars” category recognises the websites of startups and new initiatives. Although we didn’t win, the MEMENTOES project is proud to have been […]

Games as Tools for Historical Awareness

History education is having a moment in the spotlight. Universities across Europe and North America are redirecting funding from history departments towards STEM programs they say will boost enrolment and lead to lucrative job opportunities for graduates, an argument which frames the study of history as dated and obsolete. But research shows that studying history […]

MEMENTOES Plenary Meeting in Heraklion, Greece

In September, the MEMENTOES consortium met for a plenary meeting at ICS-FORTH headquarters in Heraklion, Greece. It was a busy three days: partners gave progress updates on all of the project’s work packages and hosted workshops and discussions on game design and development, evaluation of the games, accessible game design, and the ethics of creating […]